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Heroes and Villains; the Art of Comics and Comic Books

For the past 150 years, comics and comic books have played a central role in youth culture, especially in the US, Europe, and Japan. An artistic medium that tells a story through a sequence of still images (or ‘panels’), the first comic strip, Richard Outcault’s ‘Yellow Kid,’ appeared in America back in 1896.


Household Names

Throughout the 20th century, the comics industry evolved at a dizzying pace. It rapidly went from small three- or four-panel comic strips (typically printed in newspapers) to 32-page comic ‘books’ featuring superheroes who have since become household names, such as Superman, Batman, and Spiderman.

This website is devoted entirely to the fascinating world of comics, comic books, and comic-book art; its history, evolution through the years, and crowning achievements. Here, readers will find articles on every aspect of the comic-book industry (written by comic-book fans, for comic-book buffs), including powerful insights into beloved comic-book characters, both heroes and villains.

Unforgettable Artwork

The frequently-updated content found at this site places a special emphasis on the best comic-book artwork ever produced. From Mike Allreds’ Sandman and Silver Surfer to John Cassidy’s Captain America and Astonishing X-Men, readers will no doubt be thrilled and inspired by the unforgettable artwork highlighted here.

Anyone with a love of comics and comic books, whether they are an aspiring artist or a mere fan of the genre, is sure to draw inspiration from the wide range of comic-related material featured at this site.

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